Sonic Bytes Private Sale

We are having a private sale of the SONIC token by Sonic Bytes. Many of you have been with us for a while and know we are trustworthy and are building the Sonic Bytes business. We have very big plans and have been funding the project ourselves. But in order to move fast and get where we all want to go, we need to raise marketing funds. Our Community has voted to do a private sale and then immediately after that launch a Fair Launch on Pinksale finance.

We have learned a lot about crypto investors over the last couple months. And what we found is that recently a lot of the new buyers are in the market are very skittish causing reactionary fear at times. As you know we have a solid project and business model. We have seen many crypto tokens succeed in presale that do not have what we do. We have tested out many forms of marketing and timelines in presale. We have found a successful model but we do need to raise funds for marketing.

Our Private Sale is to raise marketing funds only to our group on our official Sonic Bytes website (only here). The private sale will be for 48 hours. If you are a owner of a Sonic Bytes NFT you will get first priority and VIP treatment. If you are not a Sonic Bytes NFT owner and are part of our group you can still participate.

Purchase Price:


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