Sonic Bytes Has A Message for Putin

“Leave the Ukrainians alone!” says Sonic Bytes.

Sonic Bytes stated, “Valdimer Putin pull out of Ukraine now. Your actions are horrific. The Ukrainians’ are good people and what you are doing is wrong.”

Because of Vladamir Putin’s attack on Ukraine, Sonic Bytes will not engage in any business in Russia nor will we travel there and we will not employ anyone there.

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We oppose military actions on the territory of Ukraine and call for an early ceasefire and a peaceful solution to the conflict through dialogue and diplomatic negotiations. It is unbearably painful for us to see the catastrophe that is happening these days to Ukraine.

Sonic Bytes is challenging all Crypto businesses and all Worldwide business to end all business of all kind with Russia. Putin’s murderous actions must be stopped.

Our Prayers are with all the Ukrainian people. We pray for your safety and your families.

Everyone must unite against Putin and stop the violence.

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