Sonic Bytes Crypto Launches on Pancakeswap

On May 7th, 2022 Sonic Bytes, a crypto currency play to earn game app company, launched on Pancakeswap.  Sonic Bytes ticker symbol is BYTES.  Named after crypto computer bytes that are being transported on the Binance Smart Chain (blockchain).  Sonic Bytes total supply is 1 Quadrilliion BYTES tokens with a tokenomics similar to Safemoon.  Sonic Bytes transaction fees are 10%, broken down to 5% in reflections rewarded to holders, 3% to auto liquidity and 2% to a clean auto burn.

Sonic Bytes Launches on Pancakeswap

The Sonic Bytes Advanced Smart Contract reflections have been excluded from the liquidity pool and dead wallet.  This ensures that the reflections go to the holders and the 5% is not shared anywhere else. This gives the full value of the 5% to the holders as a reward for being diamond hands.

The Sonic Bytes ecosystem empowers usage of the Sonic Bytes token.  There are several parts to the ecosystem.  First  Sonic Bytes Token is available for purchase, we will increase the demand of purchasing Sonic Bytes tokens with our game apps. Which will use Sonic Bytes to purchase items in the games and for transactions in the games.

Majority of our games will be free to play and play to earn.  Anyone playing Sonic Bytes play to earn games can earn tokens just for playing. Think about this, on an international scale this can be huge!  People in countries that have increased levels of poverty have the opportunity to earn Sonic Bytes from the play to earn games and hold Sonic BYTES and gain 5% of reflections. The tokens can be saved in a wallet, used as a tradeable asset, used in the game for items in the game, such as upgrades and leveling up or sold.

Within our games will be an occasional advertisement.  The money made from the advertisement spot, a portion of it will be used to buy back Sonic Bytes tokens and then given away to the play to earn game player, the remaining portion will be used for further development of Sonic Bytes.  Every time we buy back Sonic Bytes, this will increase the 5% reflections to holders as well.

Sonic Bytes will be releasing it’s first free to play game on the Google Play Store.  Updates on the release dates will be announced in our Telegram Group and on our Twitter Page.  Also, manual burns are starting May 21th, 2022 make sure to load up your bags before the burns begin.

To purchase Sonic Bytes on Pancakeswap click this link


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