Sonic Bytes Game Launched on Google Play Store

Sonic Bytes launched it’s first of many Free to Play games.  This game was created as a fun and challenging game about our very own character Sonic Bytes.  Help the Sonic Bytes Robot fight the ninjas and survive in the Forest, Get the best score and challenge your friends! High scores and names are posted on the leaders board.  See if you can beat the High Score!

Sonic Bytes GameYou can downnload and play Sonic Bytes on any android system.  The Sonic Bytes Game is on the Google Play Store.  Click the link, learn more, watch our video trailer, see snap shots and install the game for free. Have fun and play as much as you like! Don’t forget to please rate us and leave a review.

When playing there will be some short advertisements in the game.  Funds from the advertisements in the free to play games will go to our marketing wallet and be used to further market the games and Sonic Bytes Token.  Please watch a few and click on them.  Play everyday and help Sonic Bytes get more marketing funds so Sonic Bytes can spread the word about everything we are doing.  

play to earn

Our games will not only be fun and adventurous but we will have educational games as well.  There will be a variety for all types of games, even some brain teasers to keep you sharp.  We have plans to launch a series of Free to Play games and Play to Earn games.  This is only the beginning for Sonic Bytes.


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