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What is Sonic Bytes?

The Roadmap

Advanced Smart Contract

Sonic Bytes is an Advanced Binance Smart Contract. Sonic Bytes token is created for all as an asset with a 5% reflection built in for holders. Sonic Bytes has a 10% transaction fee, 5% will be distributed to holders, 3% goes to liquidity and 2% will be a true burn to the burn wallet. TICKER: BYTES


Sonic Bytes is a crypto marketing & software company. We are developing play to earn and free to play apps where the user can earn tokens and/or NFTs. Our games will support digital advertisements and the ability for coin/token/nft companies to distribute their product.

Our Solution

A marketing platform that will bring in revenue from digital marketing and coin/token/nft distribution while also rewarding the users and holders. Sonic Bytes Token will be used on all of our apps to purchase items and pay for transactions.


Launch Phase

- Create our Advanced Smart Contract
- Test, Check and Security Scan Sonic Bytes Contract
- Gnosis Safe Multisig Wallets for Charity & Developer wallet
- Deploy on Binance Smart Chain
- Verify Contract
- SSL Website and Social Media Sites
- Whitepaper
- Presale
- Pancakeswap
- Advertising / Marketing


Development Phase

- Play to Earn Tokens on Mobile App
- Free to Play Tokens on Mobile App
- Play to Earn Tokens Online Game
- Advertisement System to integrate into Games.
- Mobile Wallet
- Certik Audit
- Gate.io Exchange, MEXC Exchange and more
- Coin Market Cap, Coin Gecko and more listings


Utility Phase

- Continued Development of our Games
- Integrating of features and upgrades
- Upgrades of our Advertisement System
- Webpage updates
- Exchange Listings

Community Driven


We believe in community and value your input. Our games and mobile apps will be built to the way you want it. Join our volunteer program and help build Sonic Bytes to exciting levels.


Global market expansion

We plan to expand globally with our free to play games, play to earn game and our peer to peer wallet. Our peer to peer wallet will be feature rich showing your Sonic Bytes balance and your reflections from the 5% to holder rewards. It will have advanced security for your peer to peer transactions.


Partners & Technologies

Who's behind Sonic Bytes?

Frequently Asked Questions

Sonic Bytes is a  start up company of crypto innovators and enthusiasts.  We are building a marketing and software company based on the usage of Sonic Bytes token.  We are developing a gaming system with an occasional inserted advertisement.  The advertisements will fund the earn to play games fueling our ecosystem.  This is just the core of Sonic Bytes, we have bigger ideas coming as well.

BYTES is the ticker symbol for the Sonic Bytes Token.  BYTES is a BEP20 token on the Binance Smart Chain. BEP20 is known for lower fees and faster execution time. Our token can be purchased on Pankcakeswap (soon) and other listed exchanges (soon).

An ecosystem empowers usage of the Sonic Bytes token.  It keeps the token circulating and in demand.  There are several parts to our ecosystem.  First our Sonic Bytes Token is available for purchase, we will expand on the demand of purchasing Sonic Bytes with our game apps. Which will use Sonic Bytes to purchase items in the games and for transactions in the games.

Majority of our games will be play to earn.  Anyone playing our games can earn tokens just for playing.  If you think about this, on an international scale this can be huge.  People in countries that have more poverty can earn Sonic Bytes, hold BYTES and gain 5% of reflections. The tokens can be saved in a wallet, used in the game for items in the game, such as upgrades and leveling up or sold. 

Our games will not only be fun and adventurous but we will have educational games as well  This is only the beginning for Sonic Bytes.

Within our games will be an occasional advertisement.  The money made from the advertisement spot, a portion of it will be used to purchase Sonic Bytes that is being given away to the player of the game, the remaining portion will be used for further development of Sonic Bytes.  Every time we purchase Sonic Bytes, this will increase the 5% reflections to holders as well.

Our ecosystem is a true circle of success!


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